Chapter Six

A nude picture of Candice Michelle is on the wall of The Golden Bear’s kitchen when he appears.
The Golden Bear appears sitting in a chair drinking a Bud Light.Candice Michelle has a nice rack.The Golden Bear goes into his bedroom.“My heart is sore,” The Golden Bear says to his girlfriend.“Your heart?” The Golden Bear’s girlfriend says. “Why?”“I try so hard to love the world but it just keeps sleeping.” The Golden Bear says.“Come here,” The Golden Bears girlfriend says.“I don’t feel like sex,” The Golden Bear says. “I want to exert my effort elsewhere.”
The Golden Bear’s girlfriend goes into the kitchen and takes down the poster of Candice Michelle. The Golden Bear’s girlfriend kisses Candice Michelle on her forehead. Even WWE Divas need love and kindness. The Golden Bear’s girlfriend knows this. “Do you still hate your novel?” The Golden Bear’s girlfriend says.“My novel is good. It’s about Chris Benoit. I miss Chris Benoit. I want to chew through something and get to the inside of what really happened in that house.”The Golden Bear’s girlfriend goes to The Golden Bear and holds his golden paw in hers.“I feel like I am yelling at a brick wall and hearing the echo everyday. That’s what it feels like trying to wake this generation up.”
Is the world really that boring?The Golden Bear sits down in his golden chair. The Golden Bear had slept for a long time this winter.This year The Golden Bear was looking for things to be different.But they aren’t.If The Golden Bear could he would create alarm clocks of kisses so then everyone who wakes up, will wake up feeling loved.The Golden Bear doesn’t want to hurt anyone.Only fake hurt. Like in wrestling.The Golden Bear wants to mend the world with his golden patchwork.
The Golden Bear pulls a cover up over his golden head. He has suffered for a long time, alone, in his room, physically comfortable, but emotionally lost, listening to music but then he found a way to release his opinions and feelings and fear and hate. No it wasn’t by writing in his blog. It was by talking to people and giving them the biggest, most golden hugs of all time.